You are most welcome to support the teaching and implementation of the Rules.

The Rules serve communication and cooperation based on common sence and the law. Primary beneficiary is the individual as well as his or her personal environment. We do not aim at any political goals.

You support
We are not a charity. Your support will be fully taxed incl. local VAT. Please avoid payments of less then € 8,00 to limit the costs of administrative work to a bearable minimum. Thank you very much, indeed.

You are fully entitled to a receipt as you let us know by e-mail or as part of your money transfer order your tax relevant data, i. e. your name, street, number, zip-code, town, country, e-mail-address. Regarding tax deductibility, please consult your tax advisor or your tax office. Services & goods are deductible as the serve your business. Thank you.

Holder: René Scholz Thank you very much, indeed!

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
Your data are protected by the GDPR to be exclusively used for the intended purpuse of issuing receipts for your payments. Data are never shared with any third party.

We do not intend to apply for the registration as a Charity in order to avoid abuse and infiltration by people in potential conflict with the law.

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