Die Spielregeln

Die Spielregeln


„The Rules  – The Mother of Behavioral Economics“
The Rules – Keynote Business ©2020 René Scholz 20200615

  Photo: Gunnar Schanno
Dr. med. Ingrid Gräfin zu Solms-Wildenfels
President Ingrid-zu-Solms Stiftung
Presidentin 2009-2019, Steuben-Schurz-Gesellschaft    
„The economy as well as the society do need Rules. This key note offers images and case studies regarding behavioral economics. It enhances our desire to learn more and, finally, to do more.“

„The Gettysburg Address – An Analyses in Behavioral Economics“
How did Abraham Lincoln create history in only two minutes and 278 words?
The Rules – Keynote Gettysburg Address ©2020 René Scholz 20200615 v6 Photo: Claudia Hausöl, AGBC
Andreas A. Schoenwandt, Investment banker, Strategic Communications
“Until today I am convinced that the Rules, as evoked by him, will decide whether our liberal social order will be enhanced in the 21th century or by neclect of the Rules will be responsible for its bleeding to death.”


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